Creating social impact and shared value

Our aim is to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation – both through capacity-building of local health companies and by exposing corporates to innovative thinking.

This can add value across multiples levels:



Gaps in local health expertise and capacity result in weak health systems, limited access to essential health products and services, and poor health outcomes.

BHS aims to:

●   Build stronger health systems with locally produced products and fewer supply chain gaps

●   Enhance access to safe medicines, diagnostics and other medical devices, equipment and supplies

●   Improve economies with stronger local industries, skilled workforce and employment opportunities

Local Health Companies

Local healthcare small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could fill essential gaps in supply chain, but don’t have access to skilled technicians or the resources to develop expertise.

BHS aims to:

●  Build a more qualified and technically expert workforce throughout the health system

●  Foster stronger local businesses, led by dynamic and innovative leaders

●  Increase investment and growth potential for local industries



Global Corporate Partners

Global corporations have expertise but are lacking a sustainable platform to transfer skills to local companies at an impactful scale.

BHS aims to:

●  Enable corporate partners to make valuable contributions to building local capacity and strengthening health systems in resource-limited countries

●  Expand professional collaboration, corporate innovation, and new business insights

●  Provide leadership and other development opportunities for corporate employees