Helping build a sustainable African healthcare industry


Up to half the population in Africa lacks access to essential medicines and health services


Business for Health Solutions is an innovative private sector approach to increase the growth and competitiveness of healthcare companies in Africa and beyond.

We provide a platform to build health sector capacity by facilitating skills transfer and mentorship between experts in global corporate partners and local healthcare companies.

A strong local industry providing safe and affordable health products strengthens health systems and improves health outcomes - a step towards universal health coverage.


Developing local manufacturing and distribution capacity can ensure that quality medicines are safer, more affordable and get to the patient


Harnessing the power of the private sector

Small companies are a driving force in building health systems in countries where resources are limited.

Entrepreneurship and job creation are key to sustained economic growth, higher levels of productivity and technological innovation.

Sharing knowledge and ideas across continents and industries is an important way to access new technology, foster innovation, and drive development.


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