Strengthening health systems in low-income countries

We engage with stakeholders across the African healthcare chain – from manufacturers and wholesalers, to clinics and pharmacies, through to providers of health-related services. 

We promote collaboration amoung stakeholders such as NGOs, government agencies and impact investors, and across sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, logistics and insurance.

We are driven by the needs of local entrepreneurs and businesses.


Addressing Challenges in Healthcare Supply in Tanzania

A key barrier to accessibility of medicines, vaccines and diagnostics is the fragmented and often inefficient supply chains systems in developing countries. Strengthening the supply chain is one step in increasing access to quality essential health products and services, and will boost local health systems and ultimately improve health outcomes. 

As a first start, BHS is collaborating with local manufacturing and distribution companies in Tanzania to address challenges along the pharmaceutical supply chain. Local companies include Zenufa, a prominent drug manufacturer and the distributors Phillips Pharmaceuticals and Bahari Pharmacy.

Corporate volunteers provide world-class expertise in areas such as facility design and automation, product development, stock management and cold chain logistics, compliance, staff retention and business know-how.

Common capacity gaps include:



  • GMP Manufacturing

  • Quality control & assurance

  • Packaging, labeling, tracking

  • Clinical trials

  • Regulatory processes

  • Cash flow management

  • Access to credit


  • Storage & monitoring

  • Counterfeit prevention

  • Forecasting

  • Inventory tracking

  • Cold chain management

  • Distribution logistics


  • Sales & marketing

  • Forecasting & ordering

  • Cold storage

  • Dispensing

  • Counterfeit prevention

  • Pharmaco-vigilance

  • Cash flow management