Business for Health Solutions catalyzes and manages the flow of cost effective, remote technical assistance in three steps:


1. Identifying local healthcare SMEs that could benefit from specialized, remote technical support and helping create well defined projects that address critical strategic needs

2. Matching global corporate experts and local company leaders to engage in remote skills-building relationships using cost-effective IT solutions. The experts are volunteers from our consortium of global pharmaceutical and healthcare-related companies, selected for their industry-specific expertise and experience, relevant to these demand-driven projects

3. Managing the learning experience and tracking impact


Business for Health Solutions' remote capacity building model drives consistency and scalability in engagement:

  • All technical assistance is demand-driven and based on local healthcare SME needs
  • Remote support is low cost, minimizes disruption to daily business and is open to all employees
  • Remote model drives consistency and longevity of engagement and finding the best technical expert for the job